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First Visit

The first step to ensure foot health is a medical podiatry consultation and treatment. South London Podiatry offers a full professional foot diagnosis in the first home visit.


Routine podiatry treatment. Ideal for usual patients after first visit diagnosis. South London Podiatry has a preference for our usual patients.

Diabetic foot assessment

The diabetic foot assessment checks the quality of the pulses in the feet along with the sensation. Patients will be given a report which can be taken to your GP surgery.

Biomechanics Assessment

Biomechanics assess the way in which feet function when standing and during gait. South London Podiatry recommends the use of insoles or orthotics depending on each patient and the conclusion of each assessment.


South London Podiatry provides a liner for your footwear to correct walking and reduce common biomechanical problems such as heel pain. A wide variety of custom orthotics and pre-fabricated orthotics are available. Price may vary. 

Verruca treatment

Verrucaes are a skin infection caused by the human Papilloma virus and has different appearance on the skin depending on the type. Sometimes they can develop heavy hard skin and black dots which are the blood vessels and they can appear on the sole of the feet and in or between the toes. Highly contagious and can spread in your own body, hands and on your family if not prevented. Different types of treatment are available at South London Podiatry starting from acids, cryo and Falknor's or multipunction technique.


If you suffer from toes rubbing together, hard skin or corns, silicon props might be the solution you need. Props are custom made, can be hard or soft, and are extremely effective to correct toe issues.

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About us

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Our foot care experts

Jara Fernández

Jara is a qualified podiatrist with 8 years of experience. She's worked for the NHS in the care of diabetic foot and wounds in various institutions including Richmond Rehabilitation Unit, Bromley Healthcare CIC Ltd., Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust. She's also worked in Pimlico Clinic, and Shuropody.

Jara qualified from the Alfonso X university in 2012 (Madrid, Spain) with a degree in Podiatric Medicine/Podiatry. Since then she has worked in as a fully qualified podiatrist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

Her experience in the NHS as well as privately has also given her the opportunity to treat patients with several conditions and work within a multidisciplinary team with other professionals involved in foot health.

Her patients adore her because of her human touch and the care and effort she puts on everything she does. She is the founder of South London Podiatry and a kind podiatry expert.

South London Podiatry, Jara Fernandez treating a patient
South London Podiatry, Jara Fernandez using advanced tools for foot care
Jara Fernandez removing a corn Heloma Durum from a foot's patient
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