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South London Podiatry, what is podiatry?

What is podiatry?

Podiatry (or chiropody) consists in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of foot, ankle and lower extremity disorders. Podiatry treats common diseases that affect most of the population: toenail problems, corns and calluses, verrucas, blisters, sport injuries, athlete’s foot, smelly feet, dry and cracked heels, heel pain.


Podiatrists and chiropodists, as health care professionals, cover a wide range of techniques and techniques, from nail surgery, to biomechanical diagnosis, orthotics, diabetic foot care and foot surgery.  


In South London Podiatry, we know the importance of podiatry in nowadays society and we struggle to share news and advances in foot care, as well as provide an excellent podiatry home service to our patients. If you have never been to podiatrist or don’t have access to a podiatrist near to your home, why don’t you try with us?


South London Podiatry, how can podiatry benefit me?

To start with, podiatry is a medical science that cares about feet. Feet are the support of your legs, your spine and all your body. Taking care of your feet is essential to have a good life. Probably, you have experienced foot pain or have had a foot disease. Podiatry can prevent a problem to become chronic and remove the pain from quotidian activities.

Having a good foot health means enjoying life: walking on the beach, practising sports, climb a mountain and join the surroundings, scroll through the streets of a new city and going anywhere you please. Don't you think podiatry can benefit your lifestyle?

HOW can podiatry BENEFIT me?

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South London Podiatry, all about foot care

Foot care

Foot care starts by taking care about your own foot. In South London Podiatry, we think that feet should be cared the same way we do with hands, body and face. Non-cared feet can be unpleasant and cause problems that can affect our gait.

Some common foot problems, like cracked heels can be prevented just by moisturising heels with creams weekly or filing your foot with a pumice stone; or also, you can prevent callus by using comfy shoes. In South London Podiatry, we are more than willing to give you tips and assess you, that’s why we try to publish new tips in our podiatry blog.

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